Our #10 Insights

How to make impact with online events?

We have seen the industry transform in recent months. We have also used our expertise in the recent period in developing and organizing online events. We searched for elements, additions and extensions that ensure that you make an impact with your online event. And making an impact, inspiring people, that's what it's all about in the end.

Be inspired by our ‘#10 INSIGHTS’ that drive the success of your online event.

Want to know more? We like to think along!


Transform a boring webinar into a live experience. Make use of the endless possibilities of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Take your online event to the next level and use a professional studio. In this way, the participants experience the online event as if it were a TV broadcast. This creates a completely different experience than when a webinar is recorded and shared from your laptop. Opt for a sleek corporate look, go for a surprising virtual reality set-up or inspire your audience with augmented reality. A suitable studio is available for every event / budget. We are happy to help you find a suitable studio.


A professional crew is an absolute precondition for a successful virtual event.

As with live events, an online event also means; always premiere. Everything right the first time, there is no second chance. Then you have to be able to rely blindly on your partners in production and crew. Our tip is to approach an online event in the same way as a live event, ensure that professional crew is there when it is necessary. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, we provide the best crew, with specific knowledge in the field of (virtual) broadcasts.


Even at a virtual event, the visitor needs breaks and time to enter.

We also do it at a live event, but it is sometimes forgotten at an online event; a break and plenty of time to get in. Cut your program up into different blocks and create peace of mind in the program. This way the participant can relax for a while during the substantive sessions with a longer program. In addition, give the participants a short run-in time to log in and start up quietly. For a program that starts at 12:00, specifying 12:00 as a start time is too short.


Digital events generate a lot of data. Take advantage of this wealth of information.

A big advantage of online events is the measurability. What was the viewing behavior of the participants? How long did they watch? And when did they drop out? By properly analyzing this data, you can optimize your program and ensure an even better second edition.


Challenge your viewers, seek interaction!

Interact with your viewers and take your online event to the next level. Challenge them to a dance battle, have them solve an escape room or organize a Sing along. Fun elements provide a light tone in the program and are pleasant changes for the viewer.


Seduce your audience, keep them engaged during your program!

Seduce your viewers with a varied program with a lot of interaction. This makes it more attractive to watch and gives an interesting twist to your program. How about a surprise visit to one of the viewers' homes? Curious about more possibilities, contact us!


Less is more!

Yes, that's right. Also when it comes to your slides. Provide inspiring and surprising content. Make sure your content is an extension of your substantive story. Skip the endless slides! Provide a visually appealing overall picture.